Embracing Our Differences

We are all different, that’s how nature made us but It’s our differences that collectively make us stronger. Some like modern edgy designs, some classic.

Some like a bright bold colour scheme and others, pales and pastels. Cat people vs Dog People. Warm and toasty vs cool and fresh.  We are all different, but this should not be a point of conflict. Our extra-large waffle throws for 4 seater sofas or King Size beds are adaptable to suit any interior design preference. Due to its expertly crafted honeycomb structured weave and handmade fringe tassels, it gives a homely feel to the room, without compromising on style.

Fun fact: Most men will run at a slightly hotter body core temperature than women. However, women’s hands and feet will feel about 3 degrees colder than men. Explaining those nightly debates about ‘why I’m too hot and you are too cold’. Or arguments about ‘not getting your ice feet over my side of the bed!’

Introducing our 100% cotton waffle throws, designed for everyone’s tastes. Its unique textured honeycomb structure gives you the feel of a thicker warm bedspread, however, due to its natural breathable cotton fabric, it has the ability to regulate your body temperature. Meaning this waffle blanket will not overheat you in the summer months and will keep you snug in the winter.

In a range of 7 luscious colours from rich earthy tones like our burgundy and mustard comforters to our paler colour pink blush throws and duck egg blue bedspreads. All are made from superb quality Turkish cotton and tactile waffle patterned structure, giving you a durable blanket that will be loved for years to come. Ending the cycle of waste and providing a more sustainable and ethical fashion choice. In fact, our throws get softer after every wash!

So why not try it as a large sofa throw, hiding wear, and tear built up over time. Or give a fresh feel to your bedroom with this spectacular cotton bedspread. An undeniably great choice in style and comfort whilst embracing our differences.

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