Which of your throws fit a king size bed?

All our throws are big enough to fit UK king size beds, excluding our small and large size herringbone throws, our small size three layered muslin throws and our geometric pattern throws.

Which of your throws will cover a 3 seater sofa?

All our throws fit comfortably on a three seater sofa, excluding our small sized herringbone, our small size three layered muslin throw and our geometric pattern throws.

Is the lining for the plant pots made from plastic?

The outside of the pot is made from Kraft paper, which is plant-based made from cellulose fibers and completely vegan. The inside lining is made from biodegradable plastic, which is eco-friendly and completely watertight. Our Milam London logo is made from Vegan PU leather. A happy home and happy planet!

How can I wash my throw?

All our throws are made from 100% natural cotton (excluding our geometric throw that is a cotton blend). We recommend that you machine wash them on a low temperature and with similar colours, they fit in any regular sized washing machine barrel. If you wish to tumble dry, we recommend taking them out just before the end of the cycle to avoid any shrinkage.

*Our three layer muslin and waffle throws, have a natural textured structure to them, so no need for tedious ironing! 🙂

Which throws are pet friendly?

All our throws are machine washable and come with washing and care instructions. We advise you order our ‘tightly’ woven throws, as they are difficult for a dog to claw their way through. However, we do not recommend our ‘loosely’ woven throws like our geometric pattern.

Can I get my plant pot wet?

Yes you can, that’s why it is perfect for indoor gardening. The outside is made from Kraft paper which makes it durable and water resistant; the inside lining is completely watertight, so no need for a saucer underneath.

*It also makes them good for holding cutlery when doing the washing up 🙂

How can i customize my plant pot?

Our Kraft paper pots were designed to be multi functional. They can be used for plants, organizing your stationary, holding makeup brushes, it’s only limitation is your imagination.

They are also super easy to customize, simply use a permanent or water resistant pen to write directly onto the paper (example: Knives/Forks/Spoons or Basil/Mint/Chives)

What is your shipping method?

We use royal mail for our UK deliveries. When you order an item, it is dispatched the next day and usually arrives in 2-3 working days through royal mail.

What is your return policy?

If you wish to return an item for any reason, please inform us within 14 days of purchasing and we will send a full refund.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we are happy to ship your product abroad but please be aware that there is an added cost for overseas shipments. Please check current customs fees for your country of destination.

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