Super Simple Tips To Make Your Room Warm And Inviting

We spend on average about a third of our day in our bedroom. It should be an inviting space that inspires your day and informs your dreams to be peaceful. However, making your space your own can be tricky so we have compiled a few tricks to help you transform your boring barren bedroom into a warm and cozy sanctum!

  • USING COLOUR: By adding touches of colour sporadically can instantaneously transform a room into a warmer and more restful place. Different shades and hues of colour invoke different emotions, for example red can make passion/excitement/ambition! Browns and earthy tones can produce a neutral/relaxed and comforting feel. Blues inspire confidence/control and peace… now it’s your time to experiment with color.

  • USING NATURAL MATERIALS: Using natural materials like, Wood, linen, wicker, wool, and cotton will add a cozy feel to your room. Avoid plastic and metallic, unless using just as accents. Big blankets and multiple layers of different textures will not only physically warm you up but make the room feel warm and comfortable.

  • USING LIGHTING: Lighting is everything! But it’s also how to use it. Having natural light is fabulous, it increases productivity and releases endorphins into the body. However, in the darker months of the winter we have to rely on other sources. Candles give a warm glow to any room, but if you place them in front of a mirror it doubles the brightness. Avoid overhead lighting unless you can use a dimmer, focus your efforts instead on free standing and side lamps for the optimum mood lighting.

  • USING GREENERY: Plants feed the earth and feed the sole. Bringing the outside in not only encourages us to be more responsible and look after something other than ourselves, it also adds more oxygen into the room. Studies have shown them to reduce stress and improve mental health. If you don’t have the time, we suggest plants like  cacti or succulents, as they add a burst of greenery with minimal effort. Also their pots can make a bold statement for the room.

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