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3 modern interior design forms and how you can use them.


Arising in the early 20th century reflecting upon the art world’s move into modernism. A shift from formality, focusing now on functionality and simple crisp lines. After the second world war and the introduction of new hardy cheap materials like reinforced concrete and steel, changed the look of art and architecture for the age.
Typically categorized by its sleek chic lines, use of natural light, and open plan living space. You will not find any frills or faff in a modern interior design. Instead, you should focus on interesting shapes and angles as well as simple or monochromatic colour palettes. This does not mean you have to compromise on comfort, using natural materials is also a huge part of modernism. A good example of this is our natural organic cotton throws. Try our dark grey or off-white king-size waffle bedspreads, to add a little more of a dynamic look to your bedroom. Or if you are worried about going too far and your home turning into a sparse museum, a simple throw over the sofa will add softness and liveability while still looking chic. Our winter grey geometric blankets are a great shout, as the sharp block shapes will add to your concept, yet its irresistibly soft and cozy feel will make you want to curl up and vegetate.

Eclectic Style:

The opposite to minimalism is maximalism. From bohemian to glam eclectic or eclectic chic, there are many subtle differences to this interior design’s overall feel. It can be a lot of fun experimenting with the eclectic style, but how to do it right?


Originating in Paris at the turn of the 20 century, many art schools strongly encouraged collaboration between their students. Pushing the movement of bringing their own cultures and tastes of eras and together creating something beautiful. So think of it as a  collaboration of different aesthetics.

Try mixing time periods, materials like knitted blankets and oversized cotton throws for sofas. Add prints, textures and layers of colours!

Layers will create contrasts and dimensions; Try our stonewashed blue muslin comforter folded with our cream herringbone large throw and see just how effortlessly elegant and homely your bedroom can be. Another good shout is our duck egg blue cotton throw over an armchair just to add a pop of colour, warmth and personality. For more inspiration on how to use eclectic interior design check out our Boho throw catalogue and browse our textured cotton elephant and pineapple blankets.

Country Cottage/Modern Farmhouse:

Modern farmhouse interior design has risen in popularity in the past 20 years, due to its clean and comforting feel and ageless beauty. However, you do not need to live in the countryside to use its key elements in your home style. Draw your inspiration from classic English cottage homes, think Jane Austin or Beatrix Potter’s Lake District home. Work with what you already have, exposed beams, open fireplaces and wooden flooring.

Head to car boot sales, flea markets and pick up some antique furniture. They do not need to match in fact, it’s better if they don’t. If they are worn and lived in all the better, a lick of paint or sanding down can work wonders. Also covering furniture with throws can instantly update an old sofa, giving it life once again and offering relaxed and easy updated furnishings.

Feel free to mix patterns and textiles, but work with a theme; neutral color palettes like woodland colours i.e. greens, burgundy and soft pinks. If you are going for a more beachy look, try light blues, beige, and whites.

Our sage green waffle bed throw is large enough to cover a king-size bed or 3-4 seater sofa, giving that quaint touch of the past. Throws for snuggling under can be tossed anywhere, an armchair or couch accessorize with knitted blankets like our geometric beige throw or our classic country cottage herringbone blanket in off-white.

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