Highlights of the Historical Herringbone throw: A textile that has remained fashionable throughout the ages

The history of the herringbone pattern itself is a truly ancient one. Used by the great Greek and Egyptian empires, when laying roads or building structures that were meant to last. This was due to its natural strength and the physics of laying the blunt end of a rectangle shape against the long side of another and repeating this action over and over again. Creating a broken V shape pattern, resembling a fish skeleton…Hence the name Herringbone!

Fun fact; during the planning of the D-Day landings in Normandy. American GI’s were issued their fatigue uniform made from a green cotton herringbone weave. This is because of its extremely warm and durable material. As an added bonus, it was impregnated with an anti-chafing compound. Which, no doubt came in handy for the soldiers. 

Today the Herringbone weave is largely used by the fashion industry, particularly for men’s tailored jackets and suits. It is highly regarded for being effortlessly stylish and extremely versatile in its uses. The zig-zag pattern gives a look of depth and sophistication to clothing and can even lessen the appearance of stains. In winter months, it’s great for jumpers, jackets and coats, when made from wool, to cut the chill factor with its tight weave. However, in the summer a lighter linen weave fabric for dresses and shorts also works perfectly and looks fantastic. 

The Herringbone is generally a heavier weave than the plain twill, making it ideal to keep the cold out. The two patterns are very similar however and normally only an experienced tailor from Savile Row could tell the difference between them. Both are durable, have the capacity to present a distinctive and elegant look, and are also wrinkle resistant. Because of these particular factors, they are a wonderful weave to use in blanket making. 

Our range of 100% organic natural cotton herringbone throws come in two sizes. 130 cm x 170 cm, which is the ideal size to cover a 2 seater sofa or single beds. As well as our 170 cm x 230 cm throw, which can easily cover a king-sized bed or 3 seater couch and will instantly revamp the entire room. Made from Turkish cotton and using the classic herringbone weave, they are both soft and kind on the skin. Ensuring a durable and stylish blanket that will last you a lifetime! Why not take a look at our vast range of delightful colour options all finished with a beautiful handmade fringed tassel. Perfect to cover worn or damaged furniture giving them a new lease of life and a splash of colour for your home interior. Due to its tight weave, it will prevent scratches and scrapes from your cat’s or dog’s wayward claws. On top of all this, they are machine washable, so no fear if any spills occur, just pop in in the wash at a cool temperature and they are as good as new!

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