Mothers day! How it started and some special gift ideas to make her smile

Mothers day tradition and history.

There is no doubt about it, mothers deserve to be doted upon (at least once a year anyway).

No one would be the person they are today or even exist without one. Mothers innately know how to make you feel better, instill confidence, kindness and congeniality to others. So, it would make sense to think that a day to celebrate all they do would be an ancient tradition. Although the Greeks and Romans did hold feasts to honor Rhea and Cybele, the goddesses of motherhood, these were very different celebrations than what we think of today; With macaroni and glitter stuck hand-drawn cards and breakfast in bed.

In western Europe, Mothering Sunday was closely connected with the Christian calendar, With the day falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This was due to the idea that in this time people were more likely to come back to their ‘mother church’.
It was in America however, where what we think of as Mother’s day actually manifested into one of the biggest commercial holidays of the year.

An amazing woman named Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis from West Virginia is thought to be the woman behind the idea. She dedicated her life to establishing ‘’Mothers’ Clubs’’ in hope to lend support to new mothers as well as giving advice on how to raise young children, budgeting and cooking skills. During the Civil war, she was a champion of peace, establishing “Mothers’ Friendship Day,”. Uniting mothers from both Confederate and Unionists armies to advocate for peace.
Ann Reeves Jarvis died in Philadelphia on May 8, 1905, surrounded by her four surviving children, one of whom was her daughter and main caretaker at the end, Anna Maria Jarvis.

Anna junior was another formidable woman who felt the need to honor her mother’s extraordinary life by establishing ‘‘Mothers day’’ as a national holiday. Lobbying the government, and arguing that all the American national holidays were biased towards the achievements of the male world. Although childless herself, she understood the achievements her own mother made and wanted to honor all mothers for the selfless sacrifices they make so that their children may thrive. Although achieving what she set out to do with the first official national holiday in 1914, Anna became disenchanted by how commercialized the event had become. She knew ultimately, it was not about the number of cards or flowers sold that meant anything. It was the culture of taking time to see one’s mother and making her feel special with the gratitude and respect you have for her, that really counts.

Some simple gift ideas that we know she will love.

Now we know how it all started and the importance of such a day, let’s go on to give some helpful suggestions of gifts we know she will just love.

It’s the thought that counts! It may just be a simple gesture of showing you care by mowing the lawn so she doesn’t have to or, cooking her a Sunday roast, writing her a handwritten card. It’s the personal touches that are sure to touch her heart.

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